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In order for the assets of an estate to pass from a deceased party to his or her beneficiaries, the Surrogate Court must first receive a signed petition and other documents, including an original Will before before it will consider appointing a representative who will have will have power to transfer assets. The probating of a will or property held in trust can add stress to what is already a mournful occasion. Often, beneficiaries are dependent upon the estate’s assets, so any delay in releasing them can cause undue financial hardship. Mark H. Weiss, P.C. has more than 20 years of experience with the probate process in New York State. We are acutely aware of legal and human issues surrounding the transfer of estate assets during this crucial period. We provide dedicated, personal service to you and your loved ones to ensure a smooth transition.

Our comprehensive estate services include:

  • Family trusts
  • Family wealth transfer fiduciary law
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Fiduciary litigation
  • Financial planning

Commack probate attorney services

In cases where the deceased has left a will, probate is required to approve it and to appoint an executor as legal representative of the estate. The estate’s executor has the responsibility to marshal and collect assets, pay taxes and other obligations from estate assets and to distribute the remaining assets in accordance with the terms of the will. Mark H. Weiss, P.C. offers meticulous and ethical service as executors of estates and as legal counsel for beneficiaries, protecting their interests while the estate is settled.

Reliable Long Island estate administration

If a person dies without having made a will, an administration proceeding may be required to appoint a legal representative for the estate. That representative would then divide and distribute the assets as set forth according to the law.

Mark H. Weiss, P.C. provides services to loved ones of the deceased who wish to be named executor of their loved one’s estate. Once you are appointed, we help you take the necessary steps as an executor or legal representative of the estate. The firm helps you identify the assets that require probate and provides necessary legal services in both uncontested and contested cases. Our firm also facilitates the dispersal of assets that do not require probate.

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