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Creating a Will

Creating a Will

Testamentary documents drafted, reviewed and modified

The paramount purpose of your personal wealth is to provide security for your loved ones. Only you know how that can best be accomplished, but you must take affirmative steps to express your wishes in a legally valid form. If you do not create a will, you forfeit your right to direct your assets according to your preferences, and your estate will pass to your heirs under New York’s laws of succession. This could prevent people and organizations that are dear to you from receiving any consideration.

There are specific requirements in preparing a will.  Writing up a statement or utilizing a Do-it-Yourself kit will often result in a Will being rejected.

Mark H. Weiss, P.C. drafts clear and unambiguous wills for Long Island residents who want to establish a meaningful legacy that includes every person, group or cause of consequence in their lives. For more than 20 years, our firm has crafted valid wills that survive challenges because of the meticulous care that went into preparing them. We can help you memorialize your intentions with a sound, reliable legal instrument.


Effective representation begins and ends with personal care

Your will is a summary expression of your dearest affections and most deeply held values. The attorney who records your will must have the patience to listen, the sensitivity to delve gently into the information you offer and the skill to express your intentions in clear, unambiguous and legally valid language. Mark H. Weiss, P.C. is committed to a level of service that goes far beyond the mere drafting of a will. We guide you through the process, allowing you to participate in the formation of your documents and to thoroughly review them before you sign.

Skilled review and modification of wills

Your will should be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect changes in your circumstances and those of your beneficiaries. Mark H. Weiss, P.C. provides review and modification services for the wills we have drafted and fresh eyes for wills drafted by other attorneys. If it has been more than a couple of years since your will was drafted, you should consider consulting an experienced wills attorney to bring it up to date.

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To have your will drafted, reviewed or updated, call Mark H. Weiss, P.C. at 631-462-5577 or contact our Commack office online.