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Personal Injury

Skilled representation for injured plaintiffs

There are many contingencies for which we can plan, but negligent or reckless acts are unexpected occurrences against which we have little protection. When you or a family member is seriously injured, nothing can be done to erase your pa...

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Medicaid Planning

Qualify for government assistance without forfeiting all your assets

There are two major government programs that address healthcare: Medicare, which is an insurance program, and Medicaid, which is assistance. While Medicare is open to anyone older than 65 years of age, Medicaid is strictl...

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Nursing Home Neglect

Compensation and justice for victims of elder abuse

Seniors who have worked hard all their lives deserve a comfortable retirement. Those who have fed us by their labor, nurtured us with their wisdom, and shaped our character by their example should be honored in their old age. Nursi...

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